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  • The results of the Small Business Big Game contest are in...

    Eighty-one days ago, Intuit announced that we were one of the top four finalists in the Small Business Big Game contest. Today, Barley has the tough job of letting you all know that we did not win that ad in the big game.

    We have run the gamut as far as emotions, and we figured what better way to share our thoughts with you than through pictures of our girl… 

    When we first heard the news, Barley felt like this:


    And after a while, she moved onto this:


    But then, she remembered meeting so many new friends and connecting with old ones who provided an amazing amount of support and love. 

    In just 11 weeks, we went from having our treats in 14 retailers in two states to 20 retailers in six states. The exposure from the contest has changed our business in a way that we never thought possible, and Barley now feels like this:


    So while we may not have won the Big Game spot, this two person and one dog team has gotten so much more: a remarkable community of dog and beer lovers across the country who we can now call our family; a business that continues to grow at a pace we never expected; and a massive step closer to realizing our dream of making a living doing what we love. 


    And finally, a few notes to some very special people: 

    To GoldieBlox, Dairy Poop and Locally Laid Egg Company: We have enjoyed going on this ride with you, and it has been a blast finally getting to meet you in person. We’re just so proud to be among this amazing group of small businesses. 

    To GoldieBlox: Congratulations on the big win. Girls rule, especially the four-legged ones. 

    To Intuit: You may never fully know just how much you have changed our lives. Your kindness over the past few months, your belief in what we do and the resources and tools you have provided will continue to help us turn Barley Labs into a successful business, long after the buzz from contest ends. 

    And last but certainly not least—to our family, friends and supporters: Thank you for being so patient over the past couple of months. It was killing us to have to keep all of this from you, especially after how generous you were with your time and energy during the voting period. Many of you may be feeling disappointed, but please know that we are in a far better place today than we ever dreamed we would be, and so much of that is thanks to you.

     For those of you in the Triangle, we are hosting a Woofs & Love event at Fullsteam on Saturday, February 8 from 2-3:30 p.m. as a small way to thank you for your support. Please come out for some treats and fun, including raffles filled with gifts for you and your pup. 

    Thank you again for everything, Barley’s Buddies. We’ve got some exciting things coming up in the future (including a commercial spot that we've won just by being in the Top 4 that will air later this year), and we hope you’ll continue to join us on this amazing ride.

    Woofs & Love!

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    • Greg & Kathy says...

      Congratulations!! In the end you still were winners though the big one got away! Enjoy yourselves this weekend and get ready for the real fun when you get home and the business goes wild! Good luck!

      On February 01, 2014

    • Barley Labs says...

      Thank you all so much for posting! You guys are exactly why we love doing what we do. Thanks again for all the support, and we look forward to many more years of dogs, beer and love!

      Woofs & Love,
      Theresa, Scott and Barley

      On January 31, 2014

    • David says...

      Hey Barley and friends!

      It’s all for the best as they say. It is so great to see an awesome local business doing good work. It sounds like you are growing at a really good pace. Your future is WOOOF! (that’s good)

      Best of luck,

      On January 31, 2014

    • Mary says...

      We voted our hearts out for you and if our efforts and belief in Barley Labs could have been THE factor, well….. In any case, we are proud to have cast those votes for Barley. It has been wonderful to participate…. From the parade to the finish line. I am awed and touched by your FB post. Anyone who reads that post will quickly come to know your hearts and will immediately know that you have already succeeded. There is no doubt that the full realization of your dream is just a treat away. Congratulations on being in the final four…. A feat that thousands (15,000, if I recall) did not achieve. Well done Barley!!!!!

      On January 31, 2014

    • Kirby B says...

      As an Intuit employee and a Barley Labs customer, I am disappointed but not sad. This contest introduced me to your great products and you guys. My dogs love them. Bandit is a 14 year old Boston Terrier mix who came from a rescue and Barley chews the snacks and Bella is a Lab/Aussie Shepard mix who we rescued and would knock over a wall to get a Barley Labs Cheese snack. This in just the beginning for you. Keep grinding and make great treats. Give Barley a scratch from us.

      On January 30, 2014

    • CMount says...

      It’s OK little Barley! Kylie loves your treats, so you’ve made it all the way to WA State!

      On January 30, 2014

    • Debe says...

      We are so sad that Barley did not win! It’s so heartbreaking! Barley would have been a Perfect compliment to the Budweizer Puppy! Hey, it’s their loss….you’ve got the best products going!
      We all Love You!
      Tommy, Ollie, Maggie Mae and our Momma, Debe and Nanny, Kathy

      On January 30, 2014

    • Carolyn Bassin and Josie the Lab says...

      You had all of our votes! I am sorry that you didn’t win, but you had a ton of support in the Cranberry/ Wexford, PA area! Thank you for supporting local shelters, especially the Butler County Humane Society! Best of luck in the future and give Barley a big kiss!

      On January 30, 2014

    • Valerie Clinger says...

      Awe! I was so hoping you would win! You guys were so gracious to thank everyone. Proves that you are genuine and sincere…but we who know you both already knew that. Best of luck in all that you do and create. We believe in you.

      On January 30, 2014

    • Bailey Traver says...

      We are sorry to hear you did NOT win….but, we,like you, have found some new friends.

      Let me know when you have a supplier here in Charlotte.

      Woofs to all you Barley,


      On January 30, 2014

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