An Underdog's Pledge

Theresa here. Normally, this is Barley's blog, but I needed to hijack it from her to get a message out to our pals.

The support we've received during the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest--not just from people we know, but from complete strangers--has given us so much strength and hope for the future of Barley Labs. However, it occurred to me during all of this campaigning for votes that we've never actually given you a reason why you should be voting for us.

We're feeling like the underdogs right now in the contest, but you never know what can happen. But what we do know is that whether we win or not, there are three things that are true today that will be true for as long as Barley Labs exists. 


If this sounds like a good plan to you, please vote daily and share with your friends and family!


You can also help us spread the word by changing your FB profile picture to our Vote For Barley thumbnail:

Thank you for all your support!

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