Thirsty Thursday

It's Repeal Day, and we've got all sorts of things to celebrate on this Thirsty Thursday. My mama managed to snag not one, but TWO bottles of the elusive Olde Hickory Event Horizon for my pappy (she might be his favorite girl today...I usually hold that title, duh). 

And we have added another retailer to our pack -- a very cool, dog-friendly craft beer and wine shop in Columbus, GA, called Maltitude (freakin' amazing name).



We are so excited to have our treats in their store, so we decided to get to know a little bit more about our newest pals through a Q&A with Co-founder Miles G.


BL: How did Maltitude come to be the awesome craft beer and fine wine shop that it is? 
MG: Maltitude is the realization of a couple passions that I & my partners Garrett & Matt share. First of all we are beer (& wine) geeks to the core, & second of all we love the Columbus community and wanted to bring a part of the culture we loved to our small town! The name & business model is Garrett's brainchild & Matt and I were lucky enough to become good friends & eventually business partners of his through the common ground of road cycling and mutual interest in the products we now provide to others! Since we've opened it has been a daily collaborative effort to provide the best experience possible to our customers and offer the best selection of craft beer in Georgia outside of Atlanta.

BL: What's your favorite beer?
MG: Man that's a tough one! Let's just say my two favorite styles are Imperial Stouts & Double IPA's. Founder's Breakfast Stout & Victory's DIRTWOLF Double IPA would have to top the list as my current favorites & my current go-to outside of that would be Founder's Backwoods Bastard Scotch Ale.

BL: We hear your shop is dog-friendly (hence the cute display of our treats you created) -- What do you love most about dogs? Do you have any of your own?
MG: We love dogs at Maltitude! We're in a high foot-traffic area of town and encourage all of our customers to bring their dogs in. They always brighten up our day! (When they're not terrified of our hardwood floors that is.)

I don't have a dog of my own yet but that will be changing shortly. He'll spend a lot of time in the store and hopefully become our unofficial 'mascot.'

BL: What can people expect when they visit your store?
MG: People can expect a unique, open, & friendly atmosphere and a couple of beer (& wine) geeks! We tried to capitalize on the unique architecture of our 100 year old building and replicate the craft that went into the brewing of the phenomenal products we offer by the way we designed and built out the space. We offer small samples from our 16 tap growler wall and in addition to our over 500 different types of beer offered, you can take 32 or 64 ounces of draft beer home with you! We also offer a create your own six pack fridge with 99 different beers and a ton of accessories!

BL: If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?
MG: Another tough one! OK so I guess I'm not creative enough to answer this one on my own so I googled it and took a quiz on According to those guys I'm a Golden Retriever because I'm laid-back, sociable & a foodie!


Well, that door-slamming you may have heard across the country was the sound of my pappy running out the door to try to make it to Columbus before Maltitude closes tonight. Miles had him at "16 tap growler wall..."

So if any of you Barley Labs pals are in the area, be sure to bring your pup and check out Maltitude! We'll definitely be sure to visit the next time we're in GA.

And be sure to take a look at our Store Locator page to find out where you can buy Barley Labs locally! We're still working hard to get our treats in more stores across the country so check back often. Woofs & Love!


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