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  • Barley Labs Dog Treats Now Available in Greensboro, NC

    Why do I look so crazed and happy?

    It's because my buddies in Greensboro, NC, will now be able to buy Barley Labs dog treats locally!

    I helped make our first delivery of all three flavors of our treats to All Pets Considered in Greensboro. And when I say "helped," I mean the very nice staff there gave me lots of yummy treats and attention, and my mama bought me a new toy. All in a day's work, my friends. 

    All Pets Considered is locally owned, rescue friendly and customer oriented (based on all the free treat samples I got, I would say this is VERY true). They had so much great stuff from food and treats to toys and beds and so much was like animal heaven. And they even had rescue kitties up for adoption! They were meowing at me...I think they could tell I'm a friend to all felines.

    If you're in Greensboro and are looking for a tasty snack, be sure to stop by All Pets Considered to pick up a bag of our treats!

    Woofs & Love!

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