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  • Snowpocalypse Entertainment for Dog Lovers

    Well, friends. It's yet another snow/ice storm. Down here in NC, they're calling for sleet, which means a lot of early closings for schools and businesses. During the last storm, I told you about my favorite indoor game when the weather is bad. This time, I consulted with my humans to compile a list of their favorite doggy-related entertainment that you could enjoy during a winter storm.

    So here's a list, in no particular order, of five of my humans' favorite Snowpocalypse Entertainment for Dog Lovers:

    Homeward Bound 

    Movies about dogs tend to be emotional. The good news is, the tears shed from this movie were mainly tears of joy. My mama watched Homeward Bound when she was just a little girl and loved it so much. The thing is, she didn't even really like us dogs that much at the time (I know, shocking, isn't it? I melted her cold, black heart in an instant.). Other bonuses? The entire family can enjoy this movie together AND Michael J. Fox is the voice of the adorable American Bulldog Chance. 

    Family Guy
    So while the last one was good for the entire family, this one is most definitely NOT. However, for all you adult humans out there who enjoy the Family Guy brand of humor, you probably also find Brian to be the best part of the show. They think it's so funny that he seems to be the only sane one in the family. I think it's just reality for most of us dogs. 

    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
    While we're on the topic of entertainment only appropriate for adults, we bring you Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who originally debuted on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He's crass, he's funny, he's inappropriate...but he gets away with it because he's a cigar smoking dog. This segment is one of my humans' faves.


    Dear Humans: Please make me a collar like Dug's. It'd be so much easier on all of us if I could just tell you exactly when I want tasty treats. Also, I would like some tasty treats right now. Love, Barley

    The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
    My humans bought the audiobook version of this for their long drive back to Chicago during the holidays. My pappy is a HUGE car lover and probably wishes he could have been a race car driver. This book combines that plus the love of a dog in an incredibly moving and unique story. So moving, in fact, that you should be warned not to drive and listen to this book. My mama was crying so hard at one point that we were all just lucky it was not her turn behind the wheel. 

    Please tell us in the comments or on Facebook what your favorites are so we can add to our library! And be safe out there, pals! Woofs & Love!

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