Donation Day for PAWS Chicago

Theresa here hijacking Barley's blog for a special announcement...

March 7 is a very special day for the Barley Labs team. It's the anniversary of the day we adopted our girl Barley, and we wanted to honor her by making a $1 donation for every bag of treats sold at

Donation Day Details:
From 12:01 a.m. through midnight on March 7, 2014, we will donate $1 to PAWS Chicago, the shelter where we adopted Barley in 2009, for every bag of treats sold directly from our website. And if you'd like, please put the name of your dog in the notes of your order so we can honor him/her through the donation.

Barley's Adoption Story
We've told bits and pieces about Barley's adoption, but we felt like this would be the best time to tell you the whole story.

As some of you may know, I wasn't always a dog lover. I was mostly neutral towards them, a little scared, but most definitely not at all interested in ever owning one. And then I started dating Scott.

Scott has always loved dogs. His childhood pup Lucky was a stray border collie that his dad found, and to say Scott bonded with this dog is an understatement. He kept Lucky's ashes in an urn for many years and loved to tell stories about how he and his brother would "get lost" in the woods with Lucky, knowing that the dog would always guide them back. 

When we bought our condo in Chicago, I told Scott he could get a dog if he wanted one. I also told him I could promise to ensure the dog stayed alive if he wasn't around, but I couldn't promise to love her. 

So on March 6, 2009, Scott and I drove to PAWS Chicago, the city's largest no-kill humane organization, to visit the dogs. The experience was incredibly overwhelming, but thankfully, the staff and volunteers were so kind and patient. We met a lot of dogs that evening, including a litter of St. Bernard puppies. I thought they were adorable, but Scott said something about 100+ pounds of fur and drool, and I moved on quickly. 

We finally entered a room with two dogs. One was a black and white border collie and the other was a black lab mix. I immediately thought Scott would gravitate toward the collie because of Lucky, but he never really got that chance because the dog's instincts were in overdrive. He was trying to herd all of us into the center of the room by running circles around the perimeter. So of course, we obeyed, and I sat down. The little black lab quietly walked up to me, sniffed me, and then laid herself in my lap -- belly up -- as if to say, "Rub my belly, lady." All I knew at that point was that her name was Adrianna, she was four months old, and I was hooked.

I looked at Scott and said, "This is our dog." 

Scott, however, is a very cautious, analytical person and wanted to sleep on it. So we left that night without a dog and instead went to a book store to read up on owning your first puppy.

The next morning, I rolled over and as soon as I knew Scott was awake asked him about Adrianna. He said he was ready, so we hopped in my Corolla and sped to the north side in hopes that she was still there.

When we got to PAWS, the place was packed (which is a VERY good thing for an animal shelter). However, as we were waiting for an adoption counselor, I saw the arms of another person! The next five minutes were agonizing. We had no idea if the man was planning to adopt her. Finally the counselor came out, and we told her that we wanted to adopt Adrianna, the cute black lab mix. Thankfully, she was still available! 

We completed the counseling session, filed all the paperwork, and on the morning of March 7, 2009, Adrianna officially became Barley Adrianna Chu-Beaudry. 

When we first got her home, she wasn't so sure of me but she LOVED Scott. I think she could sense that I was nervous and really had no clue what to do with her. Every time Scott left the room, she would cry. However as time passed, we both started to figure each other out, and she very quickly burrowed her way into my heart.

When this all started, I told Scott I could only promise to keep Barley alive. Now I can't imagine life without her. 

March 7, 2014, marks five years of having Barley as part of our family. We are so lucky and grateful to PAWS Chicago for taking such great care of her and countless other animals. We hope this donation day can be a small token of our appreciation.

Share Your Dog's Story
If you'd like to share your dog's adoption story, we'd love to hear it! Feel free use our comments section or Facebook. We just might feature your story in an upcoming blog post! 

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