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    Voting is now open in the Barley Labs Not Drunk. Just Happy. video contest!

    Barley here, and we've been wagging our tails off at the awesome videos people have uploaded. Now it's time for you all to pick a winner.

    Here are some helpful hints and tips for the voting part of this contest:

    • You can vote once every 24 hours. That doesn't just mean once every day. There must be little tiny humans inside these computer things that keep track of the exact time you vote, and they will make sure you don't vote again until exactly 24 hours later. Tricky little fellas...
    • There are unique URLs for each video. If you find a favorite and want to give them love by campaigning for them, be sure to locate their unique URL to make it easier to direct people to that video. If you're looking at the contest page on your laptop or PC, click on your favorite video, and just below the banner of me looking hilariously crazy, you'll see a line that says, "Link for this page..."
    • Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on June 8, 2014. Be sure to get all the votes in you can and spread the word!

    Best of luck to all of the entrants, and we hope everyone has fun watching all these videos.

    Woofs & Love!

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