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  • And the Winner Is...

    Congratulations, Mosby! 

    It was a tight race, but Mr. Mosby and his crazy tail pulled ahead in the last couple of days and won our Not Drunk. Just Happy. contest with 583 votes.

    Learn more about our winner in an exclusive Q&A I had with Mosby himself:

    Barley: Well done, pal! We loved watching all the video submissions, but it looks like the people have spoken, and you are our top dog. We'd like to share more about you, so first, tell us about yourself.

    Mosby: I was born on October 21, 2013, and am nearly 8 months old. I'm a boxer/lab mix.

    Barley: And your humans? How'd you meet them?

    Mosby: My humans are Krysta and Daniel R. They were married in Durham, NC, on November 3, 2013, and didn't waste any time bringing me home. I (formerly known as Elf) was born to Queenie, a boxer, who was abandoned and pregnant with nine puppies. A foster volunteer at Independent Animal Rescue took in my mom Queenie, all of my siblings and me. We were all given Christmas-esqe names and listed for adoption. Mom (human) says choosing one of the nine pups was a difficult task! After lots of puppy kisses and cuddles, they decided to adopt a male dog. They say there was something sweet in my eyes that set me apart from the rest. Little did they know that I was the biggest of the litter!

    Barley: Speaking of, where will you be donating the $100 that came along with the prize?

    Mosby: Independent Animal Rescue, where I was adopted.

    Barley: Is Mosby named after the legend -- wait for it -- dary Ted Mosby from "How I Met Your Mother"? 

    Mosby: Yes! My humans began binge-watching "How I Met You Mother" from season one in their early days of dating, and we all saw it through to the finale this year!

    Barley: What are your favorite things to do?

    Mosby: I love to hike at the Eno Forest, swim in the river, then fall asleep in the car and come home to belly rubs! I also love to chase tennis balls and chew anything that can be chewed or shredded into a million pieces.

    Barley: Yes, yes. These are all excellent hobbies. Another one is chasing the elusive dog tail. You were working very hard in your video to snag yours. They're so darn tricky and sneaky -- I've never been able to do it. So tell me, have you finally caught your tail?

    Mosby: Yes! In fact, the tip of my tail is white and frayed from my repeated chasing-and-chewing fun.

    Well, there you have it, friends! We'd like to thank all of the wonderful dogs and their humans who entered the contest. You have undoubtedly put smiles on a lot of faces over the past couple of weeks. 

    Woofs & Love!

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