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  • Meet a Star from Our Commercial - Lola

    Ahh, the magic of social media. Thanks to Facebook, we recently connected with one of the stars of the "Happy Dogs" commercial that Intuit Quickbooks made possible for us.

    Lola is a rescue dog from Los Angeles, and you may recognize her as the adorable pup shimmying backwards in our ad.

    Learn more about Lola from her human Nina:

    "I am actually pretty involved with the rescue here in Los Angeles and try to educate whoever I can, whenever I can, on why it is so important. I have always loved all animals but in '08, I decided I was ready to try and foster a small dog. I also have 2 cats. I had some new rescue friends at the time who had just rescued Lola from the Orange County shelter. I said I am ready to foster, they handed her to me, we went home and that was it. Foster failure. She was about a year old at the time and looked like she had a litter before she was a "stray." She is a pug/chi mix -- chug -- and I love her so much, it's silly. I take her with me often and when she is happy and waiting, she loves to scoot, dance and scratch her own belly!"

    Sounds like Lola is one lucky and happy dog! Watch her in action below along with all of the other great dogs in our commercial:

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