I'm a Big Sister Now

Introducing my little brother and the newest addition to the Barley Labs pack...
Here's Hops!
Hops thought it'd be wise to wear his best tie because it's his first official picture as the Director of PR for Barley Labs. I, of course, am a fashionable executive as always.
Additionally, we've decided to do a donation special on BarleyLabs.com for Love Mutts Rescue. We've added new items to our online store, so be sure to check it all out!
We adopted Hops on July 12, but we've been waiting to introduce you to him because he had surgery not long after we brought him home. He's back on his feet now and ready to meet the world. Read on to learn more about my little brother in our Q&A interview below.
Barley: Welcome to the family, Hops! Tell us a little about yourself.
Hops: Thanks, sis. Let's see, about me...I'm an 11 month old border collie/lab or flat coated retriever mix (nobody is sure). I love people. I love hopping on people (I don't know why our humans keep trying to stop me from doing that). I love dogs. I love food. I love toys. Basically, I love everything.
Barley: I've noticed that. I'm not a huge fan of strangers or new things, yet you seem not to be scared of anything. Why is that?
Hops: That's why I got hired as the Director of PR for Barley Labs. Humans are amazing. They smell so good. They give you lots of pets and treats. I LOVE HUMANS. 
Barley: Sigh. Our humans say maybe you'll help bring me out of my shell, but I just think you're weird. Where exactly did you come from anyway?
Hops: I was at a shelter in Duplin County, and Love Mutts Rescue came and put me with some really nice foster humans. Our mama was delivering Barley Labs treats to AniMall where I was the featured adoptable dog of the week. I saw her walk in with all these treats in her arms, and I thought: MUST.LOOK.ADORABLE. So I laid there real quiet like with my face squished up against the glass door. Sure enough, when she walked past she saw my sad puppy eyes and asked to meet me. 
Barley: Ah yes. Excellent strategy, pal. It clearly worked because she told my pappy and me all about you and set up an appointment with the rescue for us to meet you. Like I said, I don't usually like new situations, so we were all very nervous. Mama kept giving me pep talks, but they ended up being unnecessary because I wasn't scared of you when we met.
Hops: That's because I LOVE EVERYTHING.
Barley: Right. There's that. So we brought you home, and it was play-time-a-rama until you started limping. What happened there?
Hops: Blech. I had something called OCD in my shoulder, but the pawesome vets and surgeons at Southpoint Animal Hospital and the Veterinary Speciality Hospital in Cary took really good care of me. Even though the surgery and crate rest weren't great, I at least got to go on lots of car rides and met tons and tons of humans. They all loved me because of my sweet personality and tiny ears, and I loved them. YAY, HUMANS.
Barley: Yeah, what's up with your tiny ears anyway?
Hops: At first, our humans and the rescue people thought I might have some Shar-pei in me, but our vet says it's more likely due to some bad ear infections that were never treated when I was a puppy. It's ok though--they're part of my charm now.
Barley: They are pretty darn cute. Well, is there anything you'd like to say to all our pals out there?
Hops: If you see me around town, please say hello because I love everybody, and I can't wait to meet you all. Also, rescuing saved my life so if you're looking for a new furry friend to add to your family, please be sure to check out your local rescue organizations. Pups just like me are waiting for you to make them your new fur-kid. 


  • @KellyEubanks – We’re so sorry to hear about your dog Rhett. I bet he had an amazing life and was lucky to have such caring humans to call his family.

    Thanks for the well wishes!

    Barley Labs
  • I was so excited to hear about Hops’ adoption! What a lucky pup!! July 12th was the day I lost my 13.5 yr old heart dog..my black lab Rhett, so I’m glad to know something wonderful also happened that day. Happy life, Hops and Barley!
    Kelly/Lucky Labs Rescue

    Kelly Eubanks

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