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  • A Letter to GoDaddy

    **Update: GoDaddy's CEO announced they are not airing the ad (not because of my letter but because of the pawesome voices of rescue lovers out there!).**

    Dear GoDaddy,

    While I can't blame you for using a cute pup to sell your business (heck, I'm the adorable face of our brand), I'm just a bit baffled at how you chose to end your Big Game commercial.

    Don't get me wrong--I love a good chuckle, but using the concept of a woman selling her puppy like he's some random knick knack on her website after the dog worked so hard to get home...I'm not sure I see the funny in that.

    What I do see are the approximately 3.9 million dogs that enter shelters each year in this country.* What I do see are the more than 13,000 shelters trying to find these dogs incredible fur-ever families*. What I do see are the many responsible breeders who take pride in what they do and take great measures to ensure their puppies aren't just "sold" on their website but are taken into loving homes that are prepared to handle a new fur-kid.

    Do I understand why you're trying to capitalize on the cuteness of dogs in your Big Game ad? Sure. An estimated 70-80 million households in the U.S. have dogs.* Also, our small biz made it to the finals of a contest to win an ad in last year's Big Game, and we were so excited about the impact of using adorable rescue dogs to promote our brand during one of the biggest TV events of the year.

    Do I get the irony of the ending? I guess. I just wish you could have had the foresight to know that irony based on negativity toward dogs would probably tick off a good amount of those 70-80 million households.

    So yes, this commercial is already garnering you a lot of attention, but your call-to-action certainly backfired for us (heck, you do seem to like irony so maybe this was all some sort of strange master plan?). Instead of renewing our domain hosting with you like we have for the past three years, we'll be taking our business elsewhere (as soon as my doggy brain can figure out how to do that). Oh yeah, my humans also signed the petition to remove the commercial from the line-up during the Big Game.

    I normally sign my notes with "Woofs & Love," but meh...


    *From ASPCA's Pet Statistics


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    • Barley says...

      @MattieDog – We completely agree. It’s such a huge platform — why not use it for something good?

      On January 29, 2015

    • MattieDog says...

      Great post – and while I’m glad they took it off the air, but they did so only under pressure. The concept they developed – and likely thought little about the potential backlash.

      Think about how powerful it would be if GoDaddy would have instead used their marketing prowess to not only sell websites but how to help animals get adopted! Play off puppy bowl, etc.

      The ad could have turned out much differently and been a huge hit!

      On January 28, 2015

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