Dog-friendly Wilmington

My humans were incredibly excited to have been invited to participate as a vendor at the Cape Fear Museum's History and Science of Alcohol 2.0 event. My brother Hops and I were even more excited when they decided to bring us and stay an extra day to explore all that Wilmington has to offer both human and furry visitors.

What we found were a wide array of dog-friendly options that made us realize just one extra day was simply not enough. Here's what we were able to fit into 24 hours...


Stop #1: Family run at Greenfield Lake Park
Huge walking/running trail with tons of poopy stations for the pups

Still at Greenfield Lake Park enjoying the sights, sounds and wildlife.
With that crazed smile, my brother clearly thinks gators might be kind of fun.
I clearly know better.

Stop #2: Brunch at Blue Surf Cafe
Nice dog-friendly patio where the friendly servers will bring your pups cool water on a warm day. The humans really seemed to enjoy their meals after our run.
We enjoyed the crumbs they dropped.

Stop #3: Fort Fisher State Park
This was my brother's very first time at the beach. It started out as such a happy, exciting time.

Once I get used to it, I really love romping in the water. 
We all thought Hops would immediately take to the ocean...

...Turns out we were WRONG. He was not a fan of the waves,
and we had to spend a bit of time calming down the poor lil guy.
Luckily for him, our next stop had a very special surprise that he would love.


Stop #4: Good Hops Brewing
We met the nice folks at Good Hops at the Cape Fear Museum event,
and we knew we had to drop by for a pint or two (definitely two).
Not only was the beer delicious, but my brother Hops had a fantastic time
in their fenced in patio playing with the other furry and non-furry customers.
Dogs are allowed to roam off-leash while the humans drink their beer --
it was pretty much a dream come true for everyone involved.


Stop #5: Fly Trap Brewing
My humans went to dinner in downtown Wilmington 
while my brother and I took well-deserved naps in the hotel room. 
They realized they were within walking distance of Flytrap Brewing
so they wandered over. My pappy nearly fell over when he saw the sour list,
and my mama was very happy with the Red they had on tap.
Their taproom and large back patio are dog-friendly,
and they even had live music and a food truck that night.

And this video above of my brother and picture below sums up how we all felt by the end of the trip.

There were so many other places we wanted to visit, but we simply ran out of time. But don't worry, Wilmington, we're just a short drive away. We'll be back soon. 

P.S. We've updated our Dog-friendly Spots page with all of these locations. If you have any suggestions of other pup-friendly finds, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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