Introducing a New Member of the Barley Labs Pack

This is a very exciting day for Barley Labs, pals. Until recently, our small company has chugged along with four employees (Ahem, yes, my brother and I count thankyouverymuch.). However, while Hops and I play extremely important roles, our two humans were struggling a bit to keep up with things that require opposable thumbs and English speaking and writing. They decided it was finally time to add a new human to the pack. As both a tight knit family and group of employees, it was important for us to find the perfect person to help grow our business.

Well, pals, we have found her and she is pawesome. Meet Megan P., our new events specialist. She will be managing events and in-store demos for us (aka free samples for all you pups out there--yay!). But don't worry -- we love meeting all of our Barley Labs buddies, so at least one of my humans (and sometimes Hops) will still join her at big events.

I sat down with Megan to ask her a few questions so that you all could get to know her a little better...


Barley: Hello, Megan! It's an understatement to say how excited we are to have you join our pack. Can you first tell us where you're from originally and what brought you to the Triangle area?

Megan: I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The first time I moved was when I was accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill and came on down to the Triangle area.

Barley: Well, well, a smarty pants, eh? We like that here at Barley Labs. What made you want to join our team (aside from the obvious perk of seeing my and my brother's adorable faces)?

Megan: I saw that Barley Labs had a job opening and as soon as I read about the company itself, how it incorporated my love for dogs and interest in craft brewing, and how it gave back to the animal rescue community, I knew I had to be a part of it. When I told all my friends I was applying they said, “It sounds like this job was made just for you.”

Barley: Your human friends sound like good people. I would say I'd like to meet them someday, but umm, strangers are scary. Anywho, tell us about your furry friends. What are their names and what are they like?

Megan: I have two babies that live back in Asheville.

My pride and joy is Randy who you can catch laying on the bed or in the recliner, when he’s not getting tons of cuddles and lovin’. He’s around 11 or 12 and definitely showing his age in his grey face but is still as rambunctious as can be!

DeeGee is a five-year-old corgi/border collie mix/wild thing that will chase the tennis ball until her little legs fall off.

Barley: Well, hello there, Randy. Aren't you a handsome devil. Also, DeeGee sounds like a great match for my brother Hops. I smell a playdate. Speaking of play time, what are your favorite things to do with you pups?

Megan: I love to go hiking with them out in Asheville! We frequent Craggy Gardens and Bearwallow Mountain.


When we can’t make it out to the trails we take DeeGee out to the fields and throw her the ball or I go driving with Randy. One day I’d like to take him on an extended road trip cause he’s the perfect passenger seat dog!

I like to treat them to a little bacon ice cream at Ultimate Ice Cream after hiking. And if I ever have the pups down to the Chapel Hill area I’ll definitely be taking them to He’s Not Here. In the afternoons so many Carolina students bring their dogs out while they have a beer in the outdoor picnic table area.

Barley: I'm sorry, I think I just blacked out for a second there. Your dogs get bacon ice cream?! What the... You know, my brother and I are EXCELLENT road-trippers so the next time you go home...just sayin'. But I digress. You mentioned enjoying a beer at He's Not Here. My humans would be mad at me if I didn't ask about your favorite NC brew. What are you drinking these days?

Megan: My favorite beer changes the more craft breweries I try. Right now I’m really into the Coolcumber from Wicked Weed Brewery in Asheville. It’s the perfect summer beer because it’s so light and crisp. I also always enjoy the Big Mon IPA from Steel String Brewery.

Barley: My humans are the ones drooling now. They really loved Wicked Weed when they visited Asheville, but somehow they haven't visited Steel String yet. You'll have to get them on that. Now aside from hanging with your pups and drinking delicious beer, what else do you do in your spare time?

Megan: In addition to attending UNC-Chapel Hill, hanging out with my puppy-dogs and trying craft breweries in the area, I also love to travel. I lived in Ireland for a semester and got the chance to travel all over Europe. I’m excited to head back one day but am also eager to see all the wonderful small towns, big cities and incredible national parks that the United States has to offer.


Can you see why we hired this amazing human? If you see her out and about, please say hello and share pics of your pups with her -- she loves that! 

Woofs & Love, pals!

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