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    Congratulations to GrisGris and her human Marty for winning the Barley Labs Gotcha! photo contest! They have won the ultimate dog and beer lover gift pack, which includes $100 donated to their favorite rescue. GrisGris and Marty have chosen New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, which is also where Marty adopted this gorgeous girl.

    I had a nice email chat with GrisGris and Marty, and here's what I learned about our winner:

    Barley: GrisGris is such a great, unique name. What does it mean?
    Marty: Gris is French for gray (which she mostly is), and a GrisGris is a good luck charm (which she really is)!
    Barley: Ever since my brother Hops and I were adopted, we have discovered lots of new pawesome hobbies. What do you love to do, GrisGris?
    GrisGris: I love walks, going to doggy daycare, my kitty house mate, my favorite pet sitter (Auntie Debbie) and playing with my boyfriend (neighbor dog Steele).
    Barley: Interestingly enough I, too, had a neighbor boyfriend...who was a cat. His name was Franklin. Swoon. Anywho, we are very lucky pups to have found forever homes with our humans. Ms. Marty, why was it important for you to rescue your fur-kid? 
    Marty: My past dogs were rescues and I have even fostered for Independent Animal Rescue (a Durham rescue from whom I adopted my current cat). I have always had rescues! My previous dog (an Orange County APS adoptee) passed away the year prior. It had been right at a year with no dog and I had been looking around. I saw GrisGris online and that she was being fostered locally (it's a regional rescue). She seemed like she had the personality I was looking for and she had the saddest, most soulful eyes. She had been picked up by animal control and had spent weeks in a shelter before being rescued by New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. And her foster mom (Rachel) was great about arranging for us to meet and helping with the adoption.
    Barley: Swoon again. We love hearing about all these kind humans volunteering their time and choosing to foster and adopt. So we've heard from GrisGris about her favorites -- what's your favorite thing about her?
    Marty: My favorite thing is her sweetness and joy. Given her rough start in life, she could be less joyful. But she is just really happy and even when I am not feeling so happy, she greets me at the door with a wagging tail, a smile on her face and an adventurous spirit!
    Cheers to that! Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all our pals who entered the contest. Each day when we would see a new entry, our hearts would be filled with joy seeing all these happy rescue pups and their incredibly loving humans. Even though the contest is over, let's keep posting photos of our adorable rescue pups to remind people just how important adopting is and the kind of pawsitive impact it can have on all of our lives.
    Woofs & Love, pals!


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