Great Day for Barley Labs (and Barley, too!)

A huge thanks to Fullsteam Brewery for not only supplying the grain for our treats but also for being the first retailer to carry them in their bar. If you've never been to Fullsteam, you definitely need to check it out. They have amazing beer, friendly people, AND you can bring your dogs with you. 

Barley Labs Dog TreatsWe also had another nice surprise today. We've always thought Barley was cute. However, as her owners, we know we're biased. But according to @peoplepets, Barley is their #cutepic winner today! We took this picture during one of our daily walks back in Chicago. It was such a gorgeous day - I couldn't help but take her picture in front of that beautiful tree. Barley, clearly, thought picture taking during her walk was boring. We take a lot of pictures of our girl, and this will forever be one of my all-time favorites.

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