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    One of Barley's favorite things to do is play with her friends at doggy daycare. Back in Chicago, she used to go to a place called DoGone Fun where she met good friends like Prince the Golden Retriever and Nemo the Bernese Mountain dog. Now, she plays with a bunch of new pals at Dog Diggity Daycare in Raleigh, and based on how tired she is when she gets home, she clearly has a ton of fun.

    Because Barley seems to love having friends so much, we decided to dedicate a page to Barley's buddies. Her newest buddy is Diesel, one of our very first Barley Labs customers! Diesel's aunt bought her two bags of treats as a gift. Her mom said that she likes both flavors, but the pumpkin is the best. 

    Check out Barley's buddy, Diesel, below!

    Barley Labs Dog Treats - Diesel Barley Labs Dog Treats - Diesel

     Barley Labs Dog Treats - Diesel Barley Labs Dog Treats - Diesel

    Have you recently bought some Barley Labs treats and now your dog wants to be Barley's buddy? Heck, even if you haven't tried our treats yet, and your dog wants to be Barley's buddy, like us on our Facebook page and either post a picture there or on Twitter with the hashtag #BarleysBuddies! Be sure to include your dog's name and any other information you'd like to share! 

    Also, if you have bought some of our treats, please let us know how your dog liked them when you post his/her picture!

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