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  • APS Dog of the Week - Clementine

    So it turns out October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month - between that and APS of Durham's Barktoberfest, now is the perfect time to visit your local shelter and find the rescue animal of your dreams! 

    To give you a sneak peek of the kind of dogs you can find at APS of Durham, we present to you Clementine, the APS Dog of the Week:

    Barley Labs Dog Treats - Clementine  Barley Labs Dog Treats - Clementine

    Name: Clementine

    Breed/Gender: Pit Mix/Female

    Age: 4 months old

    Personality: Gentle, perky, playful (she loves to “pounce” on her toys!) and very attentive for food treats. Clementine will be a sweet family pet.

    APS Kennel: 2

    Barley's thoughts: Ahem. Dear, Clementine. Please cease and desist from using my patented adorable floppy ear face. It is a very powerful look, and I would appreciate it if I could be the only one who can take advantage of people to get treats and pets and playtime and... Ok, ok, all kidding (and jealousy) aside, I have to admit that Clementine is clearly a heartbreaker. I'm sure the family who adopts her will love playing with her, walking her and getting lots of attention from people who want to pet that cute little face! 

    If you're interested in adopting Clementine, contact

    To view a list of other dogs in need of a good home, visit the Adoptable Dogs section of the APS Durham website.

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