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  • The Great Pumpkin

    As we move further into the Fall season, pumpkins seem to be everywhere - in beer and coffee drinks, in desserts, at front doors (including ours - see below).

    Barley Labs Dog Treats

    I'd like to say that we're just on trend by having pumpkin as one of the flavors for our dog treats; but honestly, the reason stems back to one of our earliest medical issues with our dog Barley. When we first adopted her, she had some stomach issues, and the vet told us she needed more fiber. One of the natural sources that she said we could use was pumpkin puree. We remembered how much she loved having it added to her dry food that it was an obvious choice for us to try in our treats.

    I reached out to Barley's current vet, Dr. Brian Lapham, who is one of the great people who take care of our girl at Southpoint Animal Hospital, for more information on why pumpkin is great for dogs*.

    "Pumpkin can be used as a prebiotic, or good fiber," said Dr. Lapham. "This helps support the probiotics (good bacterias) that are so vital for good health." 

    So there you have it, friends. As you're indulging in delicious pumpkin treats for yourselves this season, don't forget to treat your dogs with some pumpkinny goodness as well! And don't forget, you can win a bag of pumpkin treats (or peanut butter if you prefer) in the Barley's Buddies Raffle!

    *As always, check with your own vet before changing your dog's diet. 

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