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    Last week, we had the opportunity to be a vendor at the Wake County Walk-n-Wag event, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. There were quite a few rescue groups there showing off their adorable adoptable pups, so this week, I decided that in addition to featuring the APS of Durham Dog of the Week, we are including a list of a few of the dogs we met at the Walk-n-Wag event as well. So without further adieu:

    APS Dog of the Week: 

    Barley Dog Treats Ike  Barley Dog Treats Ike

    Name: Ike

    Breed/Gender: Rat Terrier/Male

    Age: 2-3 years old

    Personality: Friendly, affectionate, but a little unsure of himself. Since he has a rather anxious, sensitive side, he’ll do well with kind, calm handling and training. Ike is looking for a calm, low-stress home where he can be an only dog.

    APS Kennel: 19

    Barley's thoughts: Oh, Ike. Trust me - As a shelter alum who is somewhat anxious and sensitive, I know what you're going through. You just want to protect yourself and the incredible cuteness that But someday soon (and with that little face, I know it will be soon), someone will come and swoop you up and give a safe home where you can get all the belly rubs you could ask for. It happened to me, and I know it'll happen for you. 

    Learn more about Ike at the APS of Durham website. If you're interested in adopting Ike, contact

    To view a list of other dogs in need of a good home, visit the Adoptable Dogs section of the APS Durham website.

    Dogs We Met at Walk-n-Wag:

    Barley Dog Treats RileyRiley
    8-year-old Lab

    Barley Dog Treats FionaFiona
    7-month-old German Shepherd
    Barley Dog Treats ElsieElsie
    Puppy - Jack Russell Terrier/Terrier Mix

    Barley Dog Treats BruceBruce
    17-month-old Rottweiler

    Barley Dog Treats BearBear (available for fostering as of 10/23)
    Age unknown/Mix breed (maybe German Shepherd/Shar Pei)

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