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  • Barley's Buddies Raffle Week 1 Winner - Artie

    And we have a winner! 

    Meet Artie, my new buddy, and this week's Barley's Buddies Raffle winner!


    Name: Artie

    Age: About 2 years old 

    Breed/Gender: Golden Retriever Mix/Male

    Favorite Hobby: Going to fundraising events for dog rescue groups

    Artie Says: I'm so excited to be this week's winner...Mom and Dad adopted me in April and they tell me I can stay here furever. I cannot wait for the Jingle Bell dog walk. Mom and her family will be working on my costume on Thanksgiving. I was a Samurai for Halloween and I went trick or treating at the dog bakery. Mom says, "I'm a big cuddle bug too."

    Artie, that is one snazzy Samurai costume. I'm sure your Thanksgiving costume will be great, too! I'm so glad to add you to my pack of buddies, and I hope you enjoy the bag of treats you won!

    Thanks to Callie, Emmy, Zeke, Stryker, Cha-Cha, Mischa and Zoe for being my new buddies, too! And remember, you're still eligible for the remaining raffle weeks so good luck! 

    For the rest of you future buddies out there, there's still three weeks left to enter the Barley's Buddies Raffle, where you could win a free bag of dog treats and give your dog 15 minutes of fame! 

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