Barley Labs Dog Treats Now Available at Bean Traders

Once upon a time, I went to school in a far off land called Oxford, Ohio. Before a certain coffee mega-chain entered into the scene in this small town, there was a fabulous independent coffee shop called Buzz. It was this warm, cozy place filled with old couches and arm chairs where you could go, have a delicious cup of coffee and study. Also, there was this amazing (and did I mention adorable?) barista who would create homemade whipped cream, featuring different flavors daily. Sadly, Buzz closed by the time I graduated, but I still remember it fondly. 
When we moved to Durham, I was brought back to the days of Buzz upon entering Bean Traders in South Durham. Friendly people, cozy (yet spacious) space, amazing coffee...but Bean Traders has all that and more.  They also have a menu of yummy plates and snacks to fill your belly while you work or study, and now they carry Barley Labs dog treats so that your pup isn't left out (they have an outdoor space where you can hang out with your dog)! 
So, Bean Traders, thanks for giving us a great place to get our daily caffeine fix and for carrying our treats! Triangle friends - If you haven't checked them out, be sure to stop by!

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