Cats Need Homes, Too!

Normally, we feature a dog up for adoption at APS of Durham because, well, we're a dog treat company. But this week's APS Pet of the Week is a cat. Now, I know there can be quite the debate between dog and cat lovers on the merits of each, but Barley's opinion may surprise you. See below for what she thinks about cats...


Name: Sinatra

Gender: Male

Age: Young/unknown

Personality: Inquisitive with an adventurous streak, he will settle down long enough for a cuddling session that involves lots of petting and ear scratching.

APS ID: 392338

Barley's thoughts: I like cats. There, I admitted it. I like cats. My people don't have any cats, but they suspect I must have lived or interacted with them before they adopted me (though I can't confirm because, umm, I can't talk). Every time we see one when we're out walking, I don't do my normal crouch/stare/hackles up/whine like I do with squirrels, birds, blowing leaves, etc. Instead, I just want to sniff and potentially cuddle. So if you're a cat person, you should check out Sinatra. He sounds like a great companion, and you have to love an animal that can give that perfect of a side-eye (see the pic on the right - I have taken notes and will attempt this the next time my people refuse to give me a treat just for being cute).

Learn more about Sinatra on the APS of Durham website or contact

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