Barley's Buddies Raffle Winner, Week 2 - Stryker

Meet Stryker, my new buddy and this week's Barley's Buddies Raffle Winner! 

Barley Dog Treats Stryker      Barley Dog Treats Stryker      Barley Dog Treats Stryker

Name: Stryker

Age: 3 years old 

Breed/Gender: Daniff (Great Dane/Mastiff mix)/Male

Favorite Hobby: Riding in the car and visiting drive thru windows at fast food restaurants; watching basketball and UFC on television (odd, I know, but he stops to watch those shows and nothing else); picking up the morning newspaper and bringing it in

Whoa, big guy. I thought I was a lot of love at around 80 pounds, but you, my friend, literally are my biggest buddy. I hope we get to romp around some day and maybe you'll give me a piggy back (doggy back?) ride around the park.

Thanks to Max and Lexi for being my buddies, too (even though you were DQ'd for the raffle because we are related, you're still my buddies)! For the rest of my buddies, remember, you're still eligible for the remaining raffle weeks so good luck! 

Hey future buddies! There's still two weeks left to enter the Barley's Buddies Raffle, where you could win a free bag of dog treats and give your dog 15 minutes of fame! 

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