Barley's Buddies Raffle Winners: Cha-Cha (week 3) and Zeke (week 4)

Because of the holiday last week, we were a bit delayed in the blog feature for the week 3 Barley's Buddies raffle winner. So we have two announcements this week...

Meet last week's raffle winner Cha-Cha, and we're happy to announce that Zeke is this week's (and the final) Barley's Buddies raffle winner! We will be posting about Zeke shortly, but as for my buddy Cha-Cha, let's learn more about her!


Name: Cha-Cha

Age: 5 years old 

Breed/Gender: Mixed breed/female

Favorite Hobbies: Chasing squirrels and deer and running through the woods and playing at the pond with her dog friends

Ooo, Cha-Cha, we could be best friends! We have the same floppy ears (are yours as emotive as mine?), we love swimming and chasing squirrels!'s a deer? I've never seen one of those before, but if they're as fun to chase as squirrels are, count me in! Then, can I curl up next to you on the couch with some treats like that picture above? Looks cozy. Thanks again for entering, and congratulations!

Well, that officially ends the Barley's Buddies Raffle. Thanks to all of my buddies for entering, and stay tuned for the final blog feature on this week's winner - Zeke!

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