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  • Barley Labs Dog Treats Now Available at Bull City Homebrew

    Long before Barley existed in our world, Scott began homebrewing with a buddy in Chicago. Imagine, if you will, two guys attempting to make their own beer for the very first time in a 1,000 square foot condo with two adorable little girls running around (not ours - Barley is our only (furry) kid) and their adoring--yet highly amused--wife and girlfriend looking on.

    Well, what started with a homebrew kit in that condo turned into a hobby that Scott absolutely loves and, thanks to the fact that we moved into a house here in Durham, a much bigger production. Scott has built a brand new system that I like to affectionately call the tower of power, and he even built his own kegerator so that he could literally just reach over and draw a pint while watching TV (see below for some pics).

    I decided to give you the back story of Scott's hobby because of our latest retail news. We're so incredibly excited to announce that Bull City Homebrew in South Durham now carries Barley Labs dog treats! Our business began because of Scott's homebrewing hobby, and it's places like Bull City Homebrew that help guys like Scott get better at what they love to do.

    As many of you spouses/significant others/children of homebrewers know, Scott is VERY serious when it comes to his hobby. One of his first tasks when we moved here was to find a homebrew store, and when he found Bull City Homebrew, he couldn't have been happier. They have everything he needs, they're in a convenient location, and the staff is always nice and super helpful.

    Also, for any of you out there who are considering taking up homebrewing as a hobby, Bull City Homebrew offers an intro class. I would bet that if Scott were just starting out today, he definitely would've signed up.

    Thanks for carrying our treats, Bull City Homebrew!


    (Scott's tower of power)              (Scott's kegerator)    

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