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  • Barley's Buddies Raffle Winner, Week 4 - Zeke

    Meet the last Barley's Buddies Raffle Winner (but hopefully not my last buddy) Zeke! 



    Name: Zeke

    Age: 5 months old 

    Breed/Gender: Lab/male

    Favorite Hobbies: (From Zeke's mom) Not only does Zeke love peanut butter, he has a weakness for sticks and any kind of stuffed toy that he can take the stuffing out of it. He also likes the dog park and running around free with his pup friends.  Lastly, he likes sleeping on his back for nap time, but likes to crawl under the bed when it's lights out for his human, too. Unfortunately, he's gotten too big to crawl under his human's bed.  Gotta love growing puppies!

    You are one handsome pup, Mr. Zeke! I TOTALLY understand your wanting to sleep where you did as a baby. When my people first adopted me, they bought a round blue bed for me and even though I've totally outgrown it, it's still my favorite. Maybe we'll run into each other at the dog park some day, and we can run around together! 

    Congratulations, and thanks again to all my buddies for entering! It has made me tail-waggin happy (which can be dangerous with my Lab tail) to see all your pictures and count you as my new friends! 

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