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    When we decided to start this dog treat business, we had to make what seemed like an endless number of decisions. What flavors should we make? What should our packaging look like? Should Barley really have a cooler title than we do? 

    One decision that was easy to make was to donate a portion of our sales to APS of Durham. Barley is a shelter alum, and now that we're proud Durhamites, the APS of Durham seemed like the perfect organization. 

    Thanks to all of the amazing support from our customers and from the retailers who have picked up our treats, we were able to give our very first donation for Q4 of 2012. We're looking forward to being able to donate even more money each quarter as we build our business even further and also expand our product line.

    There are ways you can support APS of Durham, too. Aside from buying our treats (shameless plug), you can donate, volunteer or if you're ready, you can save a furry life and adopt a pet! 

    While we obviously spend the bulk of our time focused on all things dog, APS of Durham has many other animals in need of great homes.

    In fact, the APS Pet of the Week is a cat (Barley likes strange) named Taffy. 

    She is a female domestic shorthaired cat who wants a home where she can run, play, and give enthusiastic head-butts to her people until it’s time to curl up and take a lap nap.

    For more information about Taffy, visit or email (Taffy's ID is 400062). To view adoptable dogs, visit

    Thank you all for your support over the past few months!

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