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  • APS Dog of the Week - Paige

    It's that time again -- another highlight on the Animal Protection Society of Durham's Pet of the Week! This week is an adorable girl named Paige. Check out her pics below (courtesy of the Bull City Dogs Blog), and learn more about this wonderful pup.


    Name: Paige

    Breed/Gender: Foxhound Mix/Female

    Age: About one year old

    Personality: Gentle, friendly, and also a little sensitive and submissive. She’s quite playful (she loves to chase a ball and enjoys her toys), and very focused when food treats are on offer (a big help with training!) She’s very nice with other dogs. Paige needs a calm, low-stress home where she can build her confidence.

    APS Kennel: 43

    Barley's thoughts: So I had my mama do some of this "Googling" thing because I wasn't sure what a Foxhound is. According to Animal Planet, if Paige is part English Foxhound, she likes to sniff and gets along with horses, other dogs and children. Sigh, now I'm gonna need mama to Google "horses" and "children." Although, me thinks I've met one of these so-called "horses" before:


    But I digress - Paige sure does sound like a nice pup, and she's cute to boot! I'm sure she'd be a great addition to a laid back home.

    Learn more about Paige on the Bull City Dogs Blog or on the APS of Durham website. If you're interested in adopting Paige, contact To view a list of other dogs in need of a good home, visit the Adoptable Dogs section of the APS Durham website.

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