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  • APS Dog of the Week - Murray

    We love dogs, we love the Triangle, and we love APS of Durham. If you agree, make sure you enter the Four on the Floor raffle! Don't miss out on your chance to win a great gift basket from us; AND if you're the winner and pick up your basket at the APS Walk for the Animals, you'll get an extra special prize!

    In the meantime, help support APS by checking out and sharing with your family and friends the latest APS Dog of the Week, Murray:


    Name: Murray

    Breed/Gender: Border Collie Mix/Male

    Age: 2-3 years old

    Personality: Gentle, friendly Border Collie mix who loves everyone. Murray is good on leash and very food-motivated and attentive. He seems very unsure of himself around other dogs, and though he’s polite in the passing, he would probably prefer to be the only dog in a home. Murray will be a wonderful family companion.

    APS Kennel: 3

    Barley's thoughts: My pappy talks A LOT about his childhood dog Lucky, who was a fluffy Border Collie. He goes on and on about how smart and fun and loyal he was and how when his family would go camping, he and his brother would let themselves get lost in the woods and then Lucky would guide them back to the campsite (I said the dog was smart, not that my pappy was necessarily smart). Am I a tad jealous of this Lucky? Maybe. But heck, if Murray is anything like Lucky was, he sure will make his owner happy and leave memories for a lifetime.

    Learn more about Murray on the Bull City Dogs Blog or on the APS of Durham website. If you're interested in adopting Murray, contact To view a list of other dogs in need of a good home, visit the Adoptable Dogs section of the APS Durham website.

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