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  • April Fools!

    Update: I'm just kidding - I'm no quitter! Though some of the complaints below might be valid...I mean really...unlimited treats is a totally reasonable benefit.

    Dear Co-owners of Barley Labs (aka Mama and Pappy):

    It is with mixed emotions that I submit my resignation as VP of Quality Control for Barley Labs, effective April 1, 2013. 

    Over the past few months, it has been exciting launching this dog treat business, but I feel it is my duty to tell you that it also has been one disappointment after another for me. Allow me to tell you why:

    1. The benefits - they're terrible. I only get to "taste" the treats for quality purposes. I'm the freaking face of this business. I should get UNLIMITED treats. Also, where's my corner office? I'm VP level for goodness sakes, and all I get is a doggy bed next to your desk? Psh. My bed should at least look like a throne or something.

    2. Speaking of VP level, you should've given me the title I deserve - HBIC (head b... in charge) - because let's face it, it's true both in business and in our lives.

    3. The things you have made me wear are ridiculous. Everyone gets it - we use a byproduct of beer to make our treats. Was all of this really necessary? 


    4. And finally...

    HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! Just kidding, people. You know I'd never quit - I'm the brains behind this operation!

    Have a fun and happy day, everyone! Thanks for supporting us!



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