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Win with the Four on the Floor Raffle: You could win a Barley's Buddies Gift basket by entering the Four on the Floor Raffle. If you win and are attending the APS Walk for the Animals, you can pick up the basket at our table, AND you'll get a special surprise gift.

This weeks' Four on the Floor feature comes from an employee of one of our favorite places in the Triangle - Weaver Street Market

Before we moved to the area, we had never heard of a co-op market. Aside from the extremely cool concept, they have the most incredible selection of baked goods and cheeses (we literally spent a week's worth of grocery money just on cheese because we couldn't decide so we just bought everything). Also, this month is their annual spring wine sale so if you haven't checked them out yet, now is a great time! I'm just saying...a basket full of bread, cheese and wine (and of course, pick up a bag of Barley Labs treats for your pup while you're there, too)...I'm not sure spring can get much better.

But back to the task at hand (sorry, I get distracted by cheese). James Watts, Jr., is the Merchandising Manager at Weaver Street Market and a big time dog lover who adopted his boy Baxter from APS of Durham. Here's what he had to say to our Four on the Floor questions:

1) What do you love most about dogs? Dogs are so completely accepting. Baxter is always ready to make new friends, canine and human alike. Because he’s a Labrador Retriever (mostly), he’s ready for almost anything. If I want to loaf, he’s right up on the sofa next to me. If I want to walk, he’s ready to go! If I want to cook, he’s ready to sample and offer critical advice about spicing.

2) What is your favorite thing to do with your dog? Probably play with the tennis ball. He goes absolutely nuts when he sees me pick up a ball. He will play for as long as I can throw. I have to confess, he’s also a bit of a kleptomaniac. If we’re out and a ball is within reach, he’ll find a way to snag it. I have to go around the neighborhood returning stolen tennis balls.

3) Favorite dog-friendly spot in the Triangle: Occoneechee Mountain State Rec Area here in Hillsborough. Because Baxter’s a recent adoptee, we’ve been trying to find places to work with him that aren’t too crowded. We’re learning our leash manners together, and this spot is a great walk/workout. Good elevation change, the Eno River, plenty of trails, Occoneechee Mountain has plenty to of course! No really, it’s pretty awesome to have a workplace and neighborhood bar that lets our best friends hang out and do a little socializing of their own.

4) Favorite person-friendly spot in Triangle: That’s difficult because I love so many spots. But, I really enjoy a trip to the Durham Bulls as a place to relax and forget the rest of life for a few hours. 

About Four on the Floor
We love the Triangle, and a major reason for that is because of how dog friendly the area is. So we decided as part of our "training" to get ready for the APS Walk for the Animals, we would start a new blog series called "Four on the Floor." From now until the walk on May 18, we'll roam around looking for great local businesses and ask them four questions about their love for dogs and the Triangle. Then, we'll post the answers so that you learn more about dog friendly places! And you can get in on the action and win a gift basket through the Four on the Floor Raffle!

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