No, not the musical - this week's APS of Durham feature is all about cats because it's National Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month!

To help with the influx of kitties that are coming into the shelter, APS is offering a Smitten Season Adoption Special! For the month of June, all adult cats have a reduced adoption fee of $5 and all kittens have an adoption fee of $30. (Adoption fees are normally $95.)

If you aren't in the position to adopt an animal, please consider making a donation to this great shelter so that they can continue finding forever homes for animals that need them.

If you are looking for a feline friend, why not take a look at this week's APS Pet of the Week:


Name: Reagan

Breed/Gender: Tabby/Male

Personality: This sweet fellow is super-friendly and loves to be petted behind his ears, under his chin, down his spine. Reagan loves to be loved

APS ID: 410049

Barley's thoughts: So apparently this time of year is "Kitten Season," which I guess means that there are lots of new kitties being born and brought into shelters. I asked my mama where kitties come from. She told me the Kitty Fairy drops off the sweetest kitties at APS of Durham so they can find the best homes out there. Me thinks she's stretching the truth. Either way, I hope all these cats, including cutie pie Reagan, find their forever homes. If only my mama weren't terribly allergic because based on my affection for our neighbor's cat, I would probably have at least one or three new kitty siblings.

Learn more about Reagan on the APS of Durham website. If you're interested in adopting Reagan, contact


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