APS Dog of the Week and a Small Favor

Before we get to the adorable APS Dog of the Week, we have a small favor to ask of you friends. 

We recently entered a contest where we could win a Super Bowl commercial. All we need to make it to the next round is to get a lot of votes -- so would you mind checking out our story and voting? The nice part is, you don't have to register or provide any personal info. You just have to click the "Vote for Us" button. Also, you can vote daily: https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/nc/barley-labs/373335

And now onto the reason we're here -- APS Dog of the Week Sully!



Name: Sully

Breed/Gender: Boxer - Pit mix/Male

Age: About 2 years old

Personality: When he first arrived at the shelter as a stray, Sully was very thin and neglected-looking, but with love, attention and good food, he’d made great progress and looks and feels so much better! He loves people and attention and, not surprisingly, is very interested in food treats, which should make him fun and easy to train. Though he seems a little unsure of other dogs, he tries hard to make friends, and seems most comfortable with calm, polite dogs.

APS Kennel: 2

Barley's thoughts: On Sully's APS page, one of the volunteers referred to him as a "love bug." I'm having a bit of a crisis here because my mama calls me "love bug" all the time. What exactly is a love bug? Why are Sully and I both considered love bugs? Can there actually BE more than one love bug? Sigh. You humans and your words are so confusing. But I digress - Mr. Sully sounds like he deserves a nice home after a rough start to his life. Between that smile and his love of people, I bet he gets lots of those treats he's so interested in! If you'd like to be the family who gives Sully yummy treats and love every day, be sure to visit him soon!

Learn more about Sully on the APS of Durham website. If you're interested in adopting Laurel, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org. To view a list of other dogs in need of a good home, visit the Adoptable Dogs section of the APS Durham website.

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