Coming Soon: Barley Labs, a Durham Dog Focused Bar

Dog friendly bar, taproom featuring craft beer, wine, cider, kombucha, growlers in Durham, NC

Five years ago, we started Barley Labs as a way to celebrate two of the things we love most -- dogs and beer. Our dream was always to have a space where we could celebrate these loves in a larger way. Finally, we are able to make that dream a reality.

We're excited to announce that we will be opening a dog focused, human friendly bar and gift shop at 4015 University Drive in Durham. We want to provide you with a space where you and your pups can spend quality time with each other, drink great beer, learn new things, and meet new friends.

Here's what we have planned so far:

  • Free dog treat samples for every dog that enters
  • Beds and toys for dogs to enjoy in store
  • Craft beers on draft to enjoy on site with a rotating shelter/rescue monthly donation tap
  • A variety of dog treats, toys, and accessories
  • Dog and beer themed sWag
  • Bottled beer and growler fills to take home
  • Educational workshops covering all things dog and all things beer
  • Adoption events
  • Social/networking events (because meeting new people is ALWAYS easier when your dog is by your side and you have a beer in your hand)

We also are particularly sensitive to catering to fearful or shy dogs. As some of you who follow us on our social media accounts know, our girl Barley has some social challenges, particularly at and around our house; but she's great when she's out and about as long as people are respectful of her space. Our goal with the bar and gift shop is to create an environment where people feel safe bringing their dog. We will try to reinforce good human behavior, such as reminding people to ask before petting and never to pet a working/service dog. As such, you won't see Ms. Barley at the shop (she needs too much attention from us while out in public for her to be there), but she will be working (quite comfortably) behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly. However, you probably will see Hops roaming around during quieter times.

We are at the very beginning stages of bringing our space to life, but our hope is to open the doors in early 2018.

We'll keep you posted, but we can't wait to see you all soon. In the meantime, you can still buy our treats at your favorite local shop

Woofs & Love, pals!

Barley, Hops, Theresa & Scott


  • That’s awesome news! My wife and I might be up in there area in March!

    Sam Everett
  • Congrats Theresa and Scott! How exciting! SO proud of the four of you. :)

    Jackie McKinney
  • This is SO exciting! Tucker, Glen and I CANNOT WAIT to visit!


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