Facts! Brought to you by Barley, VP of Quality Control...

Fact: It's National Sweet Potato Month.

Fact: North Carolina is the #1 producer of sweet potatoes.

Fact: Barley Labs is based in North Carolina.

Fact: Barley Labs introduces this month its newest all-natural dog treat - Sweet Taters - dehydrated sweet potatoes grown in N.C.

Coincidence? far as timing goes. But, man, we sure do love happy accidents.

Introducing Sweet Taters – dehydrated sweet potatoes that were grown in our home state of North Carolina. One ingredient. Tons of tail wagging.

Sweet Taters Barley Labs All Natural Dog Treats Grain Free

As many of you know, we donate 10 cents from each bag of treats sold to a local rescue. For Sweet Taters, your purchase contributes to the SPCA of Wake County

Currently, you can buy Sweet Taters at Nofo @ the PigBull Street Gourmet and Market (starting this weekend), and on our website. We'll keep you posted on any new retailers carrying these treats.

Why Sweet Taters?
It’s the simple things in life that can bring the most joy. When we embarked (ha!) on adding a new product, we decided to stick with the idea of simplicity. 

Because these treats are all natural, they aren't always the prettiest; but they sure are tasty. They're also our first non-beer-grain dog treat. You might think this is odd because it seems our whole business was built on spent beer grain. In reality, our business was built partly on our love for beer but mostly on our love for our girl Barley. However, as we've grown, our business added a third piece to its foundation -- our love for our customers and their fur-kids. We've had people ask for a grain-free and egg-free option. Well, pals -- we heard you loud and clear. And we hope you love them as much as we do.

Barley Labs Sweet Taters All Natural Dog Treats Grain Free

Other Changes for 2017

  • Mix Packs: Save money when you buy our mix packs! With the Six Pack, your pup gets one bag of every variety of dog treats Barley Labs offers. With the Pawfect Mix Pack, your dog gets one of each of our original flavor dog treats (2.5 oz. or 8 oz.).
  • Price Change: We've made all of our beer grain dog treats the same price on our website ($6.99 for 8 oz. bags and $2.99 for 2.5 oz.). That means the price is a bit lower for Mutt Mash and a bit higher for the original treats.
  • Mutt Mash Donations: Speaking of Mutt Mash, moving forward we'll be donating 10 cents from each bag sold of these treats to Love Mutts Rescue, the organization that saved our boy Hops!

Thanks for all your support, pals. Woofs & Love!

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