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We've been getting such nice feedback on our latest video, including a few questions. Here are some fun facts...

1) I -- Barley Adrianna Beaudry-Chu -- am still alive. I promise. My humans were worried people thought I might have passed based on the first scene, and we did get a few questions about that. The scene was inspired by a terrible thought my mama had after a vet visit, which was what spurred her to create this video.

Barley Labs Beer Grain Dog Treats Durham

2) Time flies when you love your dog. That "terrible thought" crept in when we got the invoice for my annual vet check up this year. The line item said "Senior Wellness." Senior. Mama started thinking about how quickly time had passed. She also started thinking about why we started Barley Labs in the first place, which was to celebrate the things we loved -- dogs and beer. Instantly, she had the line, "Treat every day like a celebration." The rest of the video came flooding in from there.

3) The puppy version of me is not a puppy at all. When we started the project, we knew we'd have to cast a dog to play the puppy version of me. We were lucky enough to connect with the lovely Eleanor and her super dog Lux. Lux is a fellow rescue (shout out to Saving Grace!) who is just shy of four years old. She's a lab mix like me but is smaller than I am -- so much smaller in fact that she looks just like I did at 4 months. Lux was perfect, and she and her humans Eleanor and Patrick were a joy to work with during filming.

rescue dogs lux barley labs beer grain dog treats

4) The video was inspired by real events. From finding me at a shelter to attracting pretty girls in bars to teaching me how to use a ramp in my mama's monster sized car -- even though some of the locations weren't the same, the events all happened. And they're all memories we cherish as a family.

Barley Labs Beer Grain Dog Treats Durham

5) ...Except for maybe the potty training. That 2 a.m. wake-up call for my pappy to take me out was all too true. I was adopted in March 2009 in Chicago, which means it was cold...very cold. My pappy would take me out to the parking lot of our condo building every night at 2 a.m. to let me potty. When we filmed this video, it was June. In North Carolina. And hot. Steaming hot. And my pappy was in his winter coat and boots. Drenched in sweat.

6) Also, that's not my house...because strangers aren't allowed in my house. I'll admit it. I'm a bit territorial over my house. The idea of a stranger with a big scary video camera pointed at me was not something I could approve as VP of Quality Control. Thankfully, our pals Matt and Jocelyn invited us to film at their home. They even staged Barley Labs treats in their kitchen (you can see them just before the 8 candle is lit). We are some lucky dogs to have such great pals.

7) ...And equally lucky to be a part of the Triangle small business community. When we approached our pals at APS of Durham, Fullsteam, Oliver's Collar, and Cheery Dogs to ask if we could film with them, we got -- without hesitation -- a resounding yes. We also reached out to our local network, and the fine folks at Shop Local Raleigh recommended Matt at Capital City Creative to help us make the video. Needless to say, he did a pawesome job.

Capital City Creative Matt Abele Barley Labs Beer Grain Dog Treats

8) ...Except for that drone thing. What the heck was that?! If you'll notice in the lake scene at the end of the video, I'm staring directly at the camera. Why? Because cameras aren't supposed to FLY. Being the massive nerds they are, my humans were completely fascinated and impressed with the final result from the drone. I say the only things that are supposed to fly are birds.

9) We took a note from the fancy comic movies that are all the rage. We hope you stayed past the credits because the end message is a huge part of who we are as a family and as a business. My brother and I both were rescued. I landed in a no-kill shelter in Chicago, which was lucky for me because I have a very, shall I say, specific temperament that could have made it more challenging for me to find a family. My brother had a similar situation but for a completely different reason. Hops loves everyone and everything, but he had a bum shoulder, and the symptoms showed up about a week into us fostering him. He originally was at a shelter that has to euthanize dogs they can't find homes for, but a volunteer rescue group was able to foster him until we found him. If they hadn't, he might not have made it either. The work that staff and volunteers at shelters and rescue groups do is not even close to easy. They see the best and the worst of humans, but regardless of how hard it gets, they do their very best to find homes for these animals. Through this video, we wanted to show everyone the kind of happiness you can have when you choose to adopt. Without me, my humans never would've been inspired to start Barley Labs. Without my brother and me, they wouldn't know the unconditional love, fun, and compassion dogs bring to families. And without our humans, Hops and I might not have the cush lives we lead today (which really is the most important piece of this pie).

Barley Rescue Dog Barley Labs Beer Grain Dog Treats

Hops Rescue Dog Barley Labs Beer Grain Dog Treats

So we leave you with the final words of the video.

Spay. Neuter. Adopt. Love.

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  • Not sure why I never viewed this before, but I’m so proud of you all. What an amazing video. But did notice there is no pictures of Barley’s cousins, Buster Brown and Petunia. They love when their cousins sends them her Barley treat. Hope you guys soon. Keep up the great work. Bob

    Robert Holguin

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