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What do you get when you mix a home brewer and a fun-loving Lab mix? You get Barley Labs, a small business based in Durham, N.C., dedicated to creating all-natural, homemade dog treats out of barley that is recycled from the beer-brewing process. 
Scott, Theresa & Barley
(Photo Credit: Kevin Seifert, Principal Photographer of Kevin Seifert Photography)
Theresa, Hops & Scott
(Photo Credit: Tara Lynn, Owner of InBetween the Blinks)
Get to know the Barley Labs team from our bios below, and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at contact@barleylabs.com. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
Barley, Chief Inspiration Officer & VP of Quality Control 
Barley Labs Dog Treats
My people tell me I'm the inspiration behind this operation. They named me Barley after they adopted me from an animal shelter in Chicago because my pappy home brewed beer. And I just happen to be a Lab mix. Put all that together with my most favorite hobby--eating--and voila! They get a new business, and I get to test all the treats they make.
Things I love: My little brother Hops, breakfast, dinner, snacks, playing "Find it!" with Barley Labs treats, tennis balls, rope toys, Pineywood Dog Park and playing with my friends at Dog Diggity Daycare.

Hops, Director of PR 

Hello, world. I'm Hops, and I just love meeting new people and dogs! That's why I'm the best darn PR exec in the biz. I build relationships via endless tail wags, kisses and a general "love me" attitude that is hard to resist. I was added to the Barley Labs pack in July 2014 after our mama spotted me during a treat delivery. From rescue dog to dog treat exec--my sis and I are two waggin' happy pups!

Things I love: Romping with my big sister Barley, humans, dogs, food, treats, humans, herding (aka running in circles faster than a speeding bullet), toys...did I mention humans?

Scott, Co-owner 
Barley Labs Dog Treats
I grew up in a family that always had a dog. I was too young to remember the first, but I fondly recall all that followed. Home brewing beer is a more recent love; I started in 2007 in a small apartment in Chicago. When I learned how to combine my hobby of home brewing with my love of dogs I was ecstatic, but I never imagined it would become what it is today.
What I do: While I was educated as an industrial-organizational psychologist and have extensive experience as an educational data analyst, I handle product development, manufacturing and logistics for Barley Labs.
Things I love: Theresa, Barley & Hops; brewing (and drinking) beer; and all things electronic
Theresa, Co-owner  Barley Labs Dog Treats
I have a dirty little secret--I wasn't always a dog lover. It's not that I disliked dogs. My family never had one, so I just never got it. That all changed in 2009 when we adopted Barley. In an instant, I fell in love with this furry little girl with a tail that curled up to her butt. Who knew that three years later, we'd be embarking on this business together. 
What I do: With more than a decade managing communication programs for both corporate and non-profit organizations and an MA in PR & Advertising, I handle the daily operations for Barley Labs, including business development, sales, marketing/communications, and financial management.
Things I love: Scott, Barley & Hops; boxing; the Durham Food Truck scene; trying new restaurants

Megan, Events Specialist                                                 
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