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Our Dog-focused Bottle & Gift Shop

What makes your space dog-focused?
We tried to pay attention to the details, not just for our human guests but also for our doggy pals. We've got free dog treat samples, dog beds and toys to enjoy on site, leash ties throughout the space, and a doggy potty station outside.

Do I have to have a dog to visit?
Absolutely not! If you don't mind having dogs around and if you love good beer, wine, or cider, then come on in and enjoy our space.

Do you have anything other than beer?
In addition to draft and bottled beer, we also offer wines by the glass, at least 1 cider on draft, and ciders in bottles/cans to take home. We also have delicious kombucha in bottles, soda, and sparkling water.

Do you serve food?
We don't serve food, but you're welcome to bring in your own food or purchase a bag of our prepackaged snacks.

My dog is a bit sensitive -- is there anything to help with that?
We ask all dogs to be on leash so that everyone is safer and more comfortable. If you have a sensitive/anxious dog, we have a few suggestions. First, we have a yellow ribbon program -- ask us for a ribbon that you can tie on your dog's leash, and it will let others know that your dog needs space. Also, we'd recommend coming to visit during the week or later in the evening on the weekends to avoid larger crowds. Additionally, we will offer seminars from local trainers on how to help your pup adjust to crowded or busy environments.

What rules do you have?
You can see all of our rules in our "What to Expect" page. The gist of it is that we just need you to be responsible for your own dog and to know your dog's cues. However, a few rules to note are that all dogs must be on leash, aggressive dogs or dogs with a history of biting must be left at home, and dogs must be vaccinated per North Carolina state laws.

Do you fill growlers?
Yes, we will fill your clean 32 oz. or 64 oz. growler. We also have growlers for purchase. Additionally, we offer discounts on growler fills on Tuesdays.

Do you have discounted days or special events?
Yes, we offer regular events each week and also special events that are dog and beer related. Also, if you're a Shop Durham card holder, you get 10% off non-alcohol purchases on Sundays and Wednesdays. Visit our Shop Events page for more information.

Our Beer-Grain Dog Treats

Is there beer in your dog treats? Are they safe?
While some people might think it's funny to get dogs drunk, my people are not those people. We use what brewers call "spent grain." All this means is that the barley has been soaked in water and rinsed off. Brewers use the liquid the grain has been soaking in to create beer. We use the "spent grain" to create our treats. Did I mention they're delicious? Drool. 

​Where do you get the barley you use in your treats?
We're lucky to source our barley from Fullsteam Brewery. We use the spent grain from their Fullsteam Southern Lager, which not only makes yummy dog treats, but my pappy says it's also the perfect beer on a warm, southern day. If you live in the Triangle and haven't checked them out yet, you definitely should load your dog in your car (because we 4-legged pals are allowed) and head to Downtown Durham...right now...seriously, right now.

How are you able to keep the treats preservative free? 
To avoid using preservatives, my pappy bakes the daylights out of the treats to dehydrate them. This not only gives them a long shelf life, but it also gives the treats the great, nommy crunch that I love! However, while I love the crunch, my doggy friends with dental issues, senior dogs or puppies might want to wait to try Barley Labs until we create the next line of treats just for you!

What else is in your treats? Do they contain wheat?
My belly is sensitive (I won't get into the details) so my people set out to limit the ingredients in our treats. We recently made the switch to an organic barley flour, so the treats you buy from our website are now all wheat, corn, and soy free. 

Aside from the main flavor components, the other ingredients in our treats are barley, organic barley flour and eggs.

Can I find Barley Labs dog treats in any stores near me?
Yes! We're all about supporting local businesses. Please visit our "Store Locator" page to buy Barley Labs dog treats at a store near you. 

Do you make donations to local charities?
Yes, please visit our Rescue Support page to learn more about how your purchase of Barley Labs dog treats contributes to local rescues. We also do our best to support as many local rescues as we can through product donations.

If I order online, when can I expect to get my treats?
My people thought about strapping the treats to my back and having me deliver them personally because I'm so cute. However, we're hopeful that we'll get doggy friends who order from all across the country, so that probably won't work because you might want your treats sooner than next year. 

We use USPS to ship our treats. Once you receive the shipping confirmation email, you should expect to receive your treats within 5 to 7 business days. You can learn more about shipping on our shipping page.

How much will shipping cost?
Shipping costs will depend on your location. We ship from our facility in Durham, N.C., via USPS. We also offer free shipping on orders $45+ and $5.99 flat-rate shipping on orders $25-$44.99. 

Do you offer gift wrapping?
No, unfortunately we don't currently offer gift wrapping services. However, you can check a box on the shopping cart page telling us to send a gift receipt instead of a regular receipt. It allows you to include a personalized message on the receipt, and the recipient will not see the prices of the items. You also can consider buying our Dog & Beer Lover Gift Set, which comes in a pretty kraft box.

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