V.I.P. Rewards Program Rules and Regulations

The V.I.P. Program is for online purchases only. We have a separate rewards program for in-store purchases at our shop in Durham.
  • Barley Labs ("Company") offers customers a V.I.P. Rewards Program ("Rewards Program") where they can earn points toward discounts on products purchased at www.barleylabs.com. These Terms and Conditions (the "Program Rules") govern the Rewards Program and the Company's relationships with members of the Rewards Program ("Members," individually, a "Member" or "You"). Membership in the Rewards Programs is subject to the Program Rules set forth below. By opening a Rewards Program account ("Account"), You agree that:

(a) You have read, understood and accepted these Program Rules; and
(b) You consent to the Company's processing of data that is personal to You (Barley Labs will never sell your data to a third party).

  • Reward points are only given for purchases made directly from BarleyLabs.com.
  • Money spent on shipping and taxes does not go toward rewards points.
  • Rewards points are based on product purchase totals after discounts are applied.
  • The accumulation of points is subject to the Program Rules. Each Rewards Program Member is responsible for reading the Program Rules, newsletters, and Account information in order to understand his or her rights, responsibilities, and status in the Rewards Program, as well as the structure for earning rewards ("Rewards", individually, a "Reward").
  • The Rewards structure is subject to modification, cancellation, or limitation at the Company's discretion, with or without notice. The number of Points required to redeem any Reward may be substantially increased, any Reward may be withdrawn, and restrictions on any Reward or reward redemption ("Reward Redemption") may be imposed at any time.
  • The Company has the right to change, limit, modify or cancel the Rewards Program Rules, Rewards and reward levels at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect the value of Points, or the ability to obtain certain Rewards. The Company may, among other things: a) increase or decrease the number of Points received or required for a Reward; b) withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any Reward.
  • The Company has the right to terminate the Rewards Program by providing written notice to its Members six months in advance of Rewards Program termination. In that event, the right to earn Points and redeem Rewards may end six months after notification, no matter the extent of Member participation in the Rewards Program. The Company may terminate the Rewards Program earlier in whole or in part in any jurisdiction(s) if required to do so by applicable law.
  • After applying to the Rewards Program, a Membership Account will be opened. The individual now becomes a Member eligible to earn Rewards Program Points.