What to Expect

See below for what you can expect during your visit to Barley Labs.

Barley Labs Dog Friendly Bar Bottle Shop Durham NC

Dog Features

  • Dog beds
  • Leash ties on the bar and on the floor in the back of our space
  • Toys
  • Water bowls

Human Features

Don't have a dog? No problem!
Just because you don't have a dog of your own doesn't mean you can't come hang out with us. As long as you don't mind having dogs nearby, you can still enjoy all that we have to offer (minus the dog beds and treats, unless you like that sort of thing).

Our Lab Rules
Keep It Clean: 
Poop happens. If your pup has an accident inside, let a pack member know. And when your pup needs to do a doody outside, use the waste station in the lot and do your duty.

Ask First: You wouldn't touch a random stranger without permission, would you? Same goes for dogs. Always ask a dog's humans before petting, and respect whatever answer they give.

Leash Up: Although your dog may be the most well-behaved pup in the world, it's safer for all if every dog is on leash.

Be Kind: All are welcome. This is our second home, and we want everyone to feel safe while celebrating their love of dogs and beer. Have fun, pals.

Outside Food Welcome! 
Nearby restaurants include:

We also have Carolina Kettle Chips and Hops & Nuts Peanuts for purchase.

*We ask all of our guests to be responsible for their own dogs. Please try to pay attention to their cues and to the cues from other dogs so that you can avoid problems before they even start. If your dog is aggressive or has a history of biting, please refrain from bringing him/her into our space. Our expectations are also that you've followed state laws regarding vaccinations before bringing your dog into our space.