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  • Six Pack

    Barley Labs

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  • Description

    Save money when you buy the Barley Labs Six Pack! Your pup gets one bag of each of our all-natural dog treats:

    • Peanut Butter Beer Grain Dog Treats (8 oz.)
    • Pumpkin Beer Grain Dog Treats (8 oz.)
    • Cheese Beer Grain Dog Treats (8 oz.)
    • Peanut Butter & a Touch of Honey Mutt Mash Beer Grain Dog Treats (8 oz.)
    • Sweet Potato & a Touch of Maple Syrup Mutt Mash Beer Grain Dog Treats (8 oz.)
    • Sweet Taters Dog Treats (Grain Free) (4 oz.)

    Note: To avoid using preservatives, we dehydrate our treats to remove much of the moisture. While the average dog may love the crunch (ours certainly does), if your dog has dental issues or is a senior or a puppy, check out our Sweet Taters treats!

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